CPA Review-Financial, ACTG 494-402 (Online)

Dates:May 15, 2017 - May 15, 2018
Meets:This is an Online Course, 53 sessions
Location:This is an Online course.
Instructor:Mike Campbell
Fee: $100.00

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The four CPA Review Courses (in Auditing, Business, Financial, and Regulation) give participants the tools, skills and knowledge to pass the AICPA Uniform CPA Examination. 


This is one of four registration links to receive professional development credits for this review. You can get up to 6 professional development credits (1.5 per each of the four courses) in conjunction to taking the Review.  You must register for the Review separately with either Gleim or Becker.   To register for the actual CPA Review Courses, go here:

For Gleim CPA Review go to For Becker CPA Review go to


The following syllabus is for the 1.5 professional development credit only.


CPA Review - CPA Review Program


Each of the four sections (Auditing, Business, Financial and Regulation) will be 1.5 credits.


To give you the tools, skills, and knowledge to pass the AICPA Uniform CPA Examination on your first attempt.  This is a REVIEW COURSE!  If you encounter unfamiliar areas, you must study them in greater depth than the coverage in this program.


§  Required: Gleim or Becker Online or CD based CPA Review course.


This class will be graded on a “Pass-Fail” basis.  For you to pass the class, you must do what Gleim or Becker requires to “earn” their respective guarantees, which is to complete 90% of the required work in the online course.  Even if you are not concerned about a grade or earning the guarantee, it is imperative that you do at least 90% of the assigned work.  Doing the assigned work is the most important part of the CPA Review Program! 

Individuals taking the CPA Review course for credit also must submit the following assignments in order to pass the course:

Assignments:  (To be submitted to Mike Campbell .)                                                            

1.  Individual CPA Exam Strategy Plan (Within 2 weeks of registering for this course.)                            

            A short document detailing when you plan to apply to take the exam, when you plan to sit for each part of the exam, how you plan to study for the exam, when you will study, where you will study, and how many hours you will study each week.  You must also specify how you plan to minimize your stress level and maximize your physical health and energy during the CPA Review Program.

2.  Study Groups (Within 2 weeks of registering for this course.)                                                    

            A document indicating who your success team members are, and when, where, and how many times you plan to meet each week of the CPA Review Program.  (While it is not required that you have a success team (study group), it is strongly encouraged, as it has proven very helpful in the past.)

3.  Individual Mid-Program Status Report (Within 4 weeks of starting your study in this section.)

            Please send an email to Mike Campbell ( ) indicating how well you are meeting your goals and accomplishing your plans per your Strategy Plan.  If you are behind in any areas, please indicate what you will change to get back on track. 

4.  CPA Review Program Evaluation and record of assignment completion. (When you have completed the course.)                                   

            Please provide a brief written evaluation of the strengths, weaknesses, and suggested improvements for the program.  Also, please print from Gleim or Becker a document indication that you have completed at least 90% of the assignments. This will serve as notice that you have completed the course, so that your course grade can be submitted.


Mike Campbell is the coordinator for the class.  He can be reached at 657-1651, College of Business, Room 304 B.  His email address is 


Students register for the online courses directly with Gleim ( or through Becker at   Gleim or Becker will provide materials and access to the online course and bill each student directly.



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