Behavior Skills Training for Teachers EDCI 594-626

Dates:July 22 - September 13, 2019
Meets:M from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, 5 sessions
Instructor:Ania Young
Fee: $198.00
Workshops:Workshop Listing

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This course is designed to provide teachers, who are tenured or have had at least 3 years of teaching experience in a classroom, with advanced knowledge and application of classroom behavior management strategies. The instruction in this course follows an evidence- based model of Behavioral Skills Training (BST). BST is a training package that utilizes instructions, modeling/coaching, rehearsal, and feedback in order to teach a new skill (Dib & Sturmey, 2012; ). The implementation portion of this course during which participants demonstrate the skills modeled for them and receive feedback is a unique approach to teaching behavior management curriculum. It differs from traditional approaches which omit the hands-on coaching and feedback by the instructor components, often replacing them with a separate and temporally distant practicum experience, and relying on criterion for implementation within a specific timeframe rather than a criterion based on mastery of any given skill. The didactic portion of the course will include modules on: a) an overview of foundations of behavior management based on principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, b) pinpointing, measuring, and tracking student behaviors, c) conducting preference assessments, d) conducting Functional Behavior Assessments and Analyses, e) designing classroom- wide behavioral supports including evidence- based strategies such as Good Behavior Game, f) developing individualized Behavior Support Plans including strategies for increasing desirable behaviors and decreasing undesirable behaviors, g) designing effective environmental supports including physical classroom design, student schedules, and visual supports, h) designing and implementing effective instructional strategies, i) designing effective training and motivational supports for paraprofessionals and other classroom staff, and j) completing procedural integrity checklists to ensure that classroom procedures student support plans are implemented with fidelity. Each module will result in the course participants generating a set of procedures individualized for their classroom environments. The set of procedures will then be transformed into a practical classroom handbook that can be referenced and modified as needed throughout the school year. The implementation portion of the course will consist of the course participants implementing each procedure designed in the didactic portion of the course in a live classroom environment. A Registered Behavior Technician, who is a professional who is specifically credentialed in implementation of behavior management programs and directly supervised by the course instructor, will provide 20 hours of support to the course participants, in their classrooms during times when students are present. The supports will include but are not limited to modeling of skills, observing the participant's implementation of the skills, and providing feedback (i.e., completing a procedural integrity checklist) to the participants.



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